Buddy Pine / Syndrome

Buddy Pine / Syndrome

    The Incredibles
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… worshipping Mr. Incredible. Though Mr. Incredible knew him as “that kid from the fan club,” Buddy insisted on being referred to as “Incrediboy.” Buddy wanted to be Mr. Incredible’s sidekick, and tried to impress Mr. Incredible with the rocket boots he invented that gave him the power of flight. He ended up botching Mr. Incredible’s capture of the villainous Frenchman, Bomb Voyage. Fed up, Mr. Incredible crushed Buddy’s dreams once and for all by saying, “Fly home Buddy. I work alone.”

Living… as a villain. He resides in a fortress with his assistant Mirage and hundreds of guards on Nomanisan Island, a volcanic protrusion in the South Pacific.

Profession… evil genius. What he lacks in real superpowers, Buddy makes up for in his massive intelligence. He got rich by inventing and selling weapons, but keeps his best inventions to himself, such as zero-point energy, which gives him the ability to suspend any victim in a field of quantum energy.

Interests… Mr. Incredible, in some form or another. Once upon a time, Mr. Incredible was his one true obsession, and Buddy admired him fanatically. After Mr. Incredible snubbed him, though, Buddy has since developed another obsession: one-upping Mr. Incredible with his own inventions.

Relationship Status… unclear. At one point Buddy refers to Mirage as “sweetheart,” implying that the two of them are a couple. If so, it would be a lopsided pair, as Buddy is bucktoothed and callous, while Mirage is dignified and significantly less evil. Though, as she tells Mr. Incredible, they have one important thing in common: “He’s attracted to power. And so am I. It’s a weakness we share.”

Challenge… becoming a superhero. His plan: Operation Kronos, in which he unleashes his über-robot, the Omnidroid, upon the city of Metroville, where it will wreak havoc until he comes to “defeat” it and save the day. He will become an instant hero, a legend, and then he will sell his inventions to the public so everyone can be a superhero. As he ominously says: "When everyone is super, no one will be."

Personality… jealous and vengeful. Buddy is deeply envious of Mr. Incredible’s superpowers, and will expend any and all costs to become a superhero himself, be it money or the lives of others. For Buddy, Mr. Incredible’s slight of Incrediboy was a life-defining moment. It is the great chip on his shoulder that drives him to pursue greatness with a psychopathic zeal.


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