Buddy Garrity
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Buddy Garrity

Friday Night Lights (TV)

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About Him

Living… and breathing football. Buddy is a proud resident of Dillon, Texas and a figurehead in the community. His passion for Dillon football is unrivaled and he leads the town boosters in raising money for his former high school team. He takes a personal stake in the town’s spirit and morale. With his effort comes a great deal of social clout.

Profession… owner of the newly opened Dillon Chevrolet dealership. He is an influential Panthers booster, and is willing to do anything to assure a victory each Friday – even if it means breaking the law. In addition to donating money, he provides sponsors and hosts a weekly radio show at the local station. Although not officially hired by the school, Buddy sees himself as a crucial member (if not leader) of the Panther coaching staff.

Interests... the simple pleasures of life. Buddy loves red meat, drinking, and football. He loves his children, but sometimes acts without their best interest in mind. At times, it seems that the Panthers are more important to him than his family.

Relationship Status... married to Pam, the mother of his children. Fidelity, however, is not a top priority for Buddy.

Challenge… increasing and exerting his power and influence within the Dillon football community. Buddy is a traditionalist and a micro-manager. He is vindictive and manipulative, playing the role of community representative simply to boost his own reputation within the town. No changes can be made without his approval – at least, not without consequences.

Personality… loud and proud. Buddy might drink too much, but he somehow never loses his lovability. In spite of his flaws, he’s got a heart of gold, and simply wants to win at whatever cost. He throws around his cash to get what he wants and oversteps his boundaries, but underneath his recklessness is unbridled and genuine passion for the game. You can’t deny his commitment.

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