Bud Bundy
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Bud Bundy

Married with Children

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About Him

Grew up… with a family that named him after the beer brand Budweiser. Ouch. Bud is the youngest member of the Bundy family, and the most mischievous. He is a relatively smart teenager who often ridicules the members of his own family – and not without reason.

Living… in suburban Chicago with the rest of the Bundy family, though Bud is always trying to find a way to get rich quick so that he can move away. But while he’s still here, he’s taking every opportunity he can to annoy or mock his older sister, Kelly.

Profession… high school student, though Bud would probably say that he’s a student of the female body. Sex-obsessed and hormone-crazed, Bud will do or say anything to get close to any girl, or grown woman, who’ll let him near. 

Interests… women, or at least anything vaguely woman-shaped. Bud will take whatever he can get when it comes to the fairer sex. He’ll even resort to a blow-up doll if necessary, and then tell Kelly how much better she is than an actual female: “She does whatever I want. This is the breakthrough that men have been waiting for since the beginning of time. It looks like you and your cross-legged, ‘let’s talk’, gift-expecting, ordering the most expensive thing on the menu, ‘what about me’ bimbo sapiens are about to be made obsolete!”

Challenge… making it out of his idiotic family’s grasp. Bud is the only Bundy who seems to have ambition. He excels in school and hopes to make a lot of money one day. Presumably by then he won’t have much trouble with girls.

Personality… funny and sarcastic. Bud is not modest or shy about his goals. He makes sure the whole family knows that he plans to be rich and famous one day: “Well, when I get my degree, from an accredited community college I might add, I’ll be the one with the Lucky Charms, my friends. And I’ll be eating them out of the bra cups of my own private breakfast treat, Monique. Here’s to the future.”

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