Buck Turgidson
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Buck Turgidson

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

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About Him

Overview… a top American military leader who’s now in the deep end. General Turgidson is an important adviser in the Pentagon, and as such, it’s his job to inform the President and his staff when the worst possible thing happens. That is, another General (who appears to have gone insane) illegally launched a nuclear attack on Russia, which will trigger all-out nuclear war and probably the destruction of the whole human race. At least, that’s what General Turgidson thinks will happen. He doesn’t like to jump to conclusions based only on evidence.

Personality… aggressive and patriotic, but strangely reluctant to make factual statements. Buck believes in the red, white, and blue, and he’s thinking that maybe destroying Russia wouldn’t be so bad. If only Russia’s stupid Doomsday device didn’t exist. In the meantime, Buck continues to relay information after it’s no longer useful and advocate for America’s victory – even if that means reducing half or more of the Earth to a radioactive rubble.

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