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Trailer Park Boys

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About Him

Grew Up… in Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Nova Scotia, Canada, where he was born and seems destined to spend his entire life. He was partially raised by his lifelong friend Julian’s grandmother, because Bubbles’ own parents were always on the run from the law or some other entity chasing them down.

Living… in a series of small sheds, which somehow always seem to contain everything he needs—fully equipped with his most important possessions, toilet, and even stoves. He seems to be living off the goodness of Julian, who is tasked with taking care of a number of local residents. Life isn’t easy for these Canadians down on their luck, but life sure as heck is simple.

Profession… small-time crook.Bubbles sustains himself mostly by stealing shopping carts from malls and selling them back to other malls. And although he gets caught time and again pulling the shopping-cart stunt or something else, he’s usually not arrested. That’s probably because of Bubble’s simple, good-hearted nature. He means no harm. He just needs to get by!

Interests… cats. Bubbles has taken in hundreds of stray cats over the years. And although he really doesn’t have the facilities to house them, he finds ways to make due, and even nurses them into tip-top shape.

Relationship Status… single. Bubbles probably wouldn’t know what to do with a girl if he had one, due to his strange approach to social interaction. He’s attracted to women, but never has much interaction with them. He has too much of a reputation around these parts.

Challenge… survive Julian and Ricky’s crazy plans. Oftentimes, Bubbles is drawn into one scam or another by Ricky, another Sunnyvale resident. There aren’t many illegal activities that Ricky wouldn’t do, and as a close friend of Ricky’s, Bubbles can’t really turn down an offer to pull some crazy – and usually criminal – stunt.

Personality… a strange man, Bubbles is known for his thick glasses, contorted facial expressions, unique and slightly autistic speech patterns, and his ability to calm a fight. While his emotions often get the better of him, he breaks up more fights than he starts. You can’t help but love the weird little guy.

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