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Bruce Devlin


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Living… a life of danger. His work as a secret agent is tough and risky. Right now, he is working on taking down some Nazis that evaded justice in Europe. They’re centered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and their tight-knit group will be difficult to penetrate.

Profession… government agent. Bruce's main task is to convince Alicia Huberman to infiltrate the Brazilian Nazis, because her father was a Nazi who died in prison, lending Alicia credibility. Although Alicia's been judged before for her father's past, Bruce convinces her to help his cause by showing a recording of her and her father arguing; it's clear from the tape she loves America. But her mission will not be an easy one for Alica; she has been tasked to seduce Alex, an old Nazi friend of Alicia's father. And as Bruce is starting to get attached to Alicia, this mission won’t be easy for Bruce either.  

Relationship Status… falling for Alicia. Alicia isn’t the kind of woman Bruce was looking for – she drinks too much, she’s not ladylike, and worst of all, she’s working for him. Yet while he may claim to his superiors that he’s not interested, the two can feel some bond growing between them. Bruce is still trying to convince himself that it’s not there, but Alicia’s job as a seductress brings romantic issues to the forefront.

Challenge… doing his job without sacrificing his heart. In this game of life and death that Bruce is asking Alicia to play, can he actually protect Alicia from true harm? She'll have to get close to a Nazi war criminal, and if things go south, it’ll be all Bruce’s fault.

Personality… hard, callous at times, and quick thinking. Bruce is used to the emotionless lifestyle of a government secret agent. Although he keeps his distance from others, he can’t seem to help but get attached to Alicia.

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