Bruce Ben-Bacharach

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Bruce Ben-Bacharach

Lady Dynamite

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About Him

Overview... down-on-his-luck talent manager and personal advisor to comedian Maria Bamford. She’s back in Los Angeles getting her career back on track after a stint in Duluth getting treated for bipolar depression. Bruce doesn’t have many clients, so Maria is a big fish for him. Unfortunately for her, he’s more of a guppy than a shark.

Personality... well-intentioned but pitiful, unsuccessful, and misguided. Let’s be fair: Bruce tries his best. It’s just that his management style (“Take anything!”) often leads to less-than-ideal situations for Maria. She makes the most it, though – roles in prison-based reality shows and strange Japanese commercials could make for A+ material for her stand-up act.

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Bruce Ben-Bacharach
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