Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner

    Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… undercover in Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro. Bruce Banner was forced into becoming a fugitive after a research experiment gone wrong. The exposure to huge levels of gamma radiation left Bruce with a significant problem: when his heartbeat intensifies, he turns into a giant, destructive, green monster called the Hulk. As a result, he has to flee from members of the US military, especially General Thunderbolt Ross, who wants to weaponize Banner's transformation process to make super soldiers. 

Profession… scientist/factory worker. Banner was once a leader in gamma radiation research, but he had to abandon his post at Culver University after the accident. In Brazil, he tries to remain under the radar by working in a bottling factory.

Interests… meditating. Bruce works to maintain a steady heart rate by practicing breathing techniques. He wants to avoid the havoc that ensues upon transformation into the Hulk: “I can’t control it…But maybe I could guide it, aim it in the right direction.”

Relationship Status… in love. Bruce still harbors deep feelings for his former girlfriend, cellular biologist Betty Ross, but he refuses to return to the States to see her. During his first transformation into the Hulk, Banner managed to injure most of the people within the Culver University lab, including Betty. He’s been too scared and ashamed to go back ever since. 

Challenge… finding a cure. Bruce is obsessed with discovering the antidote to his condition, so that he can have his old life back. Unfortunately, his work is disrupted when General Ross discovers his whereabouts and orders the US military to bring him in. Now, Bruce is on the run again. 

Personality… guilt-ridden and desperate, Bruce Banner is a good man whose body holds a monster. He fears the Hulk’s wrath and destructive powers, but he doesn’t know how to stop the transformation process. As a result, he lives with a constant sense of self-loathing and distances himself from people in order to avoid hurting them.


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