Broomhilda von Shaft
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Broomhilda von Shaft

Django Unchained

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About Her

Overview… slave at Calvin Candie’s “Candyland” plantation in Mississippi. Her first masters were German, and they named her after a mythical German princess and taught her to speak their language. Sold to slave traders, she falls in love with and marries a slave named Django. They run away together but they are soon caught and separated, and she ends up under the tyrannical rule of Candie, suffering every day but given strength by the hope that she and Django will one day be reunited.

Personality… strong-willed and stoic. Broomhilda is capable of great compassion even toward her white masters but is denied the opportunity to demonstrate it, especially once she arrives at Candie’s ranch. That’s why it is so vital that she reunites with Django – their love will make her whole again. Her innate strength will one day manifest itself in the blood of her descendant, private investigator John Shaft.

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