Brooke Meyers
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Brooke Meyers

The Break-Up

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About Her

Grew Up… in a family of yuppies. Brooke had plenty of advantages growing up. Perhaps as a result, she is something of a perfectionist – a personality trait that her more slovenly boyfriend Gary is starting to clash with.

Living… in a Chicago condo that she purchased with Gary. In decorating their apartment, Brooke took pains to use the feng shui guide that her mother gave her, despite Gary’s protestations. While he wants a pool table, Brooke prefers an elegant dining room set.

Profession… art gallery manager. At work Brooke is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She has trouble controlling her annoying assistant Christopher, and is also beholden to her erratic boss, an egotistical artist named Marilyn Dean.

Relationship Status… in a frustrating relationship with Gary – for the moment. He doesn’t seem to want to help her out with anything at all around the house. As she tells him, “It would be nice if you did things that I asked. It would be even nicer if you did things without me having to ask you!” When they break up, it’s not really a shock to anyone. But that’s just the start of a lengthy battle.

Challenge… taking possession of the condo. Following her break-up with Gary, Brooke finds herself in the middle of a war zone. Both she and Gary have eyes on their valuable Chicago condo, and neither is willing to give it up without a fight.

Personality… refined and giving, but slightly uptight. Brooke is a well-bred woman who cannot tolerate a mess. She has a very specific idea of what she wants her apartment to look like, and she’s willing to wage war in order to have it her way. She has always been the one to look out for Gary rather than vice versa, until she got tired of doing that anymore.

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