Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Profession… a rock-type gym leader. Brock is proud to be the Gym Leader for Pewter City, and he is respected by many as a result. Although Pewter City is not known to have many professional trainers, Brock is certainly a formidable opponent for the player during their early journey.

Interests… educating himself about the nuance of Pokémon and their extensive history within the Pokémon universe. He loves everything Pokémon and even aspires to be a Pokémon breeder in the future. Brock also loves to dig for fossils in Mt. Moon.

Relationship Status… single. Brock has never had a romantic partner. He’s too focused on his relationship with his Pokémon to care about another person. But he seems to have an eye for Geodude, who is always by Brock's side, ready to aid him in battle. They have grown close as a result.

Challenge… guarding the Pewter City Gym. Brock uses his rock-type Pokémon to defeat any gym challengers. From Onix to Graveler, Brock’s Pokémon are sure to be worthy opponents to any young trainer looking to face him. However, if one manages to beat him, Brock rewards them with the Boulder Badge. Beating Brock is no easy feat, as he is always training with his Pokémon to be the best trainer in the city.

Personality… determined with grit. As he says, “My rock-hard willpower is evident in even my Pokémon.” However, don’t let his rocky exterior fool you. Brock is generally liked and respected by the people of Pewter City. Although he rarely laughs, it is very hard for him to stop laughing when he does.


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