Brittany Pierce

Brittany Pierce

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in her parents’ home in Lima, Ohio, with her overweight tabby, Lord Tubbington. Here she films her famous Internet TV show “Fondue for Two” on which she interviews teachers and fellow students about hot button issues. Usually she will ask her guests uncomfortable questions or twist what they say to make it seem juicier.

Profession… high school student at McKinley High. She is one of the top cheerleaders on the squad (the Cheerios) and one of Coach Sue Sylvester’s pets. Along with several other Cheerios, she auditions for the glee club, and once in proves herself a great dancer and a solid singer.

Interests… cats, Britney Spears, cheerleading, dancing, and singing. Because she is a believer in all things magical, Brittany enjoys talking about her various theories on the supernatural, including ghosts and UFOs. She also likes to express her more far-out theories about unicorns and other mythical creatures.

Relationship Status… single. Brittany is one of the most promiscuous girls at McKinley. Some say it is because she is dumb. Others, including herself, will say that it’s just because she likes sex. She is also bisexual and has a mutual attraction, and perhaps more, with her fellow Cheerio and glee club member Santana. 

Challenge… trying to get through school. Brittany is quite dim-witted when it comes to academics. Although she shows random moments of genius, whether through an excellent idea in glee club or a random fact that no one else knows, Brittany receives mostly F’s in her classes. 

Personality… generous, caring, and compassionate, though not the brightest bulb.  Brittany retains nearly all the characteristics of a child, including innocence, kindness, and naïveté. She still believes in Santa Claus and magic. Though she doesn’t get outright angry if someone tries to tell her otherwise, she will call them stupid and wrong. People have trouble blaming Brittany for anything, even when she’s rude or mean, because of her childishness. Brittany is also well-known for her blunt observations. Whenever there is an awkward tension in the choir room, one can rely on Brittany to blurt out something that will make the situation much more painfully awkward. 


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