Britta Perry

Britta Perry

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living...  in Greendale, Colorado, trying to figure out what to do with her life. She spent her twenties as an anarchist and protester and a militant vegetarian, but none of that paid the bills.   

Profession... student at Greendale Community College. She’s part of a study group with six of her classmates from Spanish 101, but they’ve become more like family. She spends much less time studying than she does helping out her new friends. 

Interests... feminism, anarchy, and animal rights. Britta is extremely aggressive in her progressive beliefs. It’s not that her friends disagree with all of her positions, but the topic of genocide is kind of a buzzkill.

Relationship Status… single, with no interest in study group leader Jeff Winger. The whole group started as a transparent attempt for him to take her out, but she immediately saw through that and said no thank you. But when he starts dating a Professor, he stops trying to sleep with her and immediately becomes more intriguing.

Challenge...  not alienating her friends. The word “Britta” is now a verb amongst her new friends, meaning to mess something up. And she takes a lot of heat for her singing, her activism, and her loud opinions – almost everything she does, really.

Personality... a progressive, rebellious, and strong-willed hipster. She hates it when things get too popular. Would she hate it if one of her activist passions caught on? Unfortunately for her, she hasn’t had made any cause that popular yet. She doesn’t get along with other women at school, but that’s okay – she’s most comfortable with a chip on her shoulder.


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