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Britt Pollack


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About Him

Living... on the right side of the law after years as a thief in Ocean Beach, California. Well, at the very least it’s not the wrong side of the law – now he uses his lock-picking skills to help people as a private investigator in the sleepy beach town that really wakes up at night.

Profession... unlicensed private investigator with his best friend Hank Dolworth. They’re the low-rent guys who help when going to the cops isn’t an option. Hank’s the brains and Britt’s the guy who gets stuff done. For instance, Britt breaks into an office to retrieve something for a client, and Hank conveniently shows up as the security company representative who can turn off the alarm. 

Interests… picking a lock, lifting a wallet and downing a nice, cold beer to celebrate. Even if he couldn’t make money stealing, he’d do it just to entertain himself. 

Relationship Status... dating the beautiful Katie Nichols. Alas, Katie thinks Britt could do some growing up. It’s a constant source of tension between the two - they fight a lot but always make up. She kicks him out and asks him to break into the bedroom. She’ll be waiting for him, she says, as his eyes grow wide.

Challenge... figuring out why Katie’s acting pretty weird, and what to do about it. He’s ready to propose but worries she’s being squirrelly because she’s cheating. And what’s that pregnancy test doing in the trash? She does know he’s a PI, right? He’ll beat up whoever slept with her, even if another charge on his rap sheet will send him back to jail.        

Personality... goofy, immature, street-smart, and affable. A bundle of contradictions, Britt is a slacker who works through the night to solve a case; a thief who steals to bring justice to his community. He’s easy to love – so easy, in fact, that neither Katie nor Hank can stay mad at him long. And they both get mad at him all the time.

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