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Briony Tallis


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Living… in her family’s country estate, in England. Doted upon as a child, Briony has nothing but leisure time, which she fills with childish fantasies. As her musings have matured, she's turned to writing them down.

Profession… aspiring writer. Briony romanticizes fictions and spends a good deal of her time dreaming up ridiculous scenarios – some of which she might actually start believing in.

Interests… playing, writing, and spying. Briony is now an “accomplished” playwright…or, at least, she has written her first play at age thirteen, and wants her family to help produce the show. While Briony takes it completely seriously, the other players are more interested in enjoying their summer. With her play in shambles, Briony spends her time watching her sister, Cecilia, and Robbie Turner, a childhood friend with potentially romantic motives. Briony can't make help or tails of what he wants of her sister, and so starts to imagines the worst...

Relationship Status… single. Her young heart is set on writing, but Briony also has a girlish crush on Robbie, asking him, “If I fell in the river, would you help me?”

Challenge… making her family take her writing seriously. At her age, Briony wants nothing more than to be admired for her work. She feels entitled to praise—or at very least, yearns for actors who would at least take their parts seriously.

Personality… introspective, pensive, and conflicted. Briony doesn’t always completely think before she acts. Sometimes she partly sees things and imagines the other half. But she has a strong sense of right and wrong. If she believes someone is in the wrong, she won’t hesitate to point a finger and speak her mind – even if it means spending the rest of her life trying to atone for her rashness.

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