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Living... aboard the Earth Federation’s newest and shiniest warship, the White Base. After a long series of defeats against the Principality of Zeno, a group of space colonies fighting for their independence, the Earth Federation is trying to strike back with new technology that they hope will turn the war in their favor. Bright has only been in the military for six months, but ehe's already earned the right to be on the ship that could change the outcome of the war.

Profession... captain of the White Base, despite being nineteen and only an Ensign in rank. After a devastating attack by Zeon that leaves him as the highest ranking officer on the White Base, Bright takes command of the few surviving soldiers and the civilians who have volunteered to help keep the ship safe and flying. Despite his lack of experience, Bright quickly proves to be a competent captain, though his people skills are somewhat lacking.

Interests... duty. Bright takes his military service very seriously, and is most interested in his sense of duty. However, this duty is not so much to the military itself, but rather to Bright’s strong sense of justice and morality, and should the situation call for it, Bright would break protocol or possibly even desert to do the right thing.

Relationship Status... single, and far too busy at the moment for friendship, much less love. Bright doesn’t even attempt to gain the love of his crew, telling his stressed crew, “I don’t mind if you hate me” as long as they are willing to follow his orders. Despite this, Bright's valor and competence quickly win him the trust and respect of his crew.

Challenge... keeping the crew of the White Base alive. It certainly won't be an easy task: most of his crew either wounded or have no combat experience, if any experience on a ship at all. To make things harder, the enemy attacking the White Base is Zeon's infamous “Red Comet,” Char Aznable, whose martial prowess makes it nigh impossible to keep White Base's crew safe.

Personality... proud, disciplined, and deeply moral, but also surprisingly flexible and willing to make hard decisions to protect his crew. Despite his unwavering sense of duty, Bright is not uptight: unlike many of White Base's previous officers, he's at ease with accepting help from civilians and even children. Bright does seem overly hard on child pilot Amuro, using threats and violence to force the fifteen-year-old to “grow up" and fight, but he does so only out of pure necessity. Internally, Bright wishes he didn't have to force Amuro to fight, but his new pilot is one of the few things keeping White Base safe. As Bright puts it, “whether he's a real pilot or not, we'll need his help."

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