Bridget Vreeland
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Bridget Vreeland

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

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About Her

Grew Up… without a mother. Bridget’s mom, a debutante from Alabama, committed suicide when Bridget was only eleven years old. As a result, Bridget and her brothers have a strained relationship with one another.

Living… in Bethesda, Maryland. Because her family isn’t the closest, Bridget has always relied on her other family: her group of friends. Even though they’ll be apart for the first time this summer, the four of them decide to share a pair of jeans that magically fit them all, and agree to mail them to one another across the world. The pants seem to have a mysterious power that brings the wearer good luck.

Visiting… Baja California, Mexico for soccer camp. Bridget has always been an amazing soccer player, and her talents are being put to use in order to impress one of her coaches, the handsome and older Eric Richman.

Interests… soccer, flirting and generally getting into trouble. Bridget is always plunges into things headfirst, but that can be a problem when she doesn’t consider the consequences.

Relationship Status… single, but shamelessly chasing Eric. She knows it’s against soccer camp rules to be involved with a coach, but Bridget, who has been described as “single minded to the point of recklessness,” is hell-bent on getting Eric to notice her.

Challenge… finding a way to be truly happy. Bridget is focused on living in the moment and running off adrenaline, which is a result of her unwillingness to confront the pain of her mother’s death. But she needs to deal with her sadness rather than just avoiding it. As she puts it: “I just want to feel good and happy and alive. Because if I feel alive then it doesn’t seem like she’s dead. And if I’m not sad then it proves that I’m not like her.”

Personality… charismatic, athletic, impulsive. Bridget has always been a charmer, and her good looks garner a lot of attention. Despite the strong and capable side of herself that she shows to the world, deep down, Bridget is very vulnerable and scared.

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