Brian Wilson
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Brian Wilson

Love and Mercy

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About Him

Grew Up… with his brothers, Dennis and Carl, and their cousin, Mike Love. They formed a band called The Beach Boys, under the management of Brian’s controlling father.

Living… on the cusp of greatness – and the brink of paranoia. Brian’s mind is different from everyone else’s: he hears operatic sounds in his head. Brian doesn’t just play music – he invents it. When The Beach Boys begin to get some real attention as a leading American pop harmony group, Brian begins hearing more complex musical arrangements. Brian also faces a slew of backlash from Mike Love regarding his trippy lyrics and increased psychedelic drug use.

Profession… pop star. Brian isn’t just a Beach Boy. He’s the lead mind behind the production, arrangements, and writing of most of their music. While he is loved for hit songs like “California Girls”, he wants to experiment with new ways of hearing pop music.

Interests… musical excellence, multi-part harmonies, competition with other hit bands, psychedelic drugs, and his father’s approval.

Relationship Status… in a relationship with Marilyn, a nice young all-American girl. Brian enters into his relationship with her as a promising young musician, but he quickly evolves into a risk-taking, drug-inspired experimentalist. His behavior frightens her, but she continues to support him in his time of emotional need.

Challenge… being the best. Brian wants to write the best album of all time. His new ideas lead him to an album he calls “Pet Sounds,” which also leads to the detriment of his relationship with his band. But during his search for greatness, he must also overcome the darkness of his own mind. Sometimes his brain gets the better half of him and he can’t control his thoughts or actions – a serious road block that he must overcome before he can be a productive music producer.

Personality… warm, childlike, and innovative. Brian wants to have fun. He’s young, he’s popular. He’s enjoying the success – but he hates being in the public eye. He hates playing on stage and going on tour. His shyness keeps him in the studio, where he feels most at home, recording and inventing the music he lives for.

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