Brian Lackey
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Brian Lackey

Mysterious Skin

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About Him

Grew Up... in a rocky family. Brian’s parents were on the cusp of getting a divorce, and didn’t notice when things went wrong with their 8-year-old son. His baseball coach started sexually abusing him, and Brian quickly blocked the events from his psyche. He puts the memories in the deepest parts of his mind, but that doesn’t mean that he can ever erase them completely.

Living… in Kansas. Unable to remember the cause of his psychological turbulence, Brian dwells on his strange dreams and tries to find meaning in his visions.

Profession… student. Brian tends to his studies closely, but begins spending more time trying to figure out his strange dreams.

Interests… extraterrestrials and possible alien abductions. Believing that he may have been abducted by aliens as a child, Brian researches abductions and the kinds of people who believe they also may have experienced alien abductions in an attempt to understand his own past.

Relationship Status… single. Brian is perceived by others as asexual. When Brian meets a young woman named Avalyn who shows sexual interest in him, he becomes very nervous and runs away. He has trouble handling sexuality.

Challenge… understanding his dreams, which means uncovering his past. The only one who could help him remember what really happened when he was 8 is his baseball teammate, Neil, who was abused along with him. The two of them haven’t seen each other since their days as childhood teammates.

Personality… quiet, reserved, strange, and geeky. Brian doesn’t feel the need to impress his peers, and probably couldn’t even if he tried. He neglected to build those social skills while growing up, as he felt disconnected from most of what was happening around him.

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