Brett Ashley
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Brett Ashley

The Sun Also Rises

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About Her

Grew Up… Lady Ashley. Brett is a well-bred young Englishwoman and while she might not make much out of her title, you can see it written all over her – especially in her entitled attitude and her treatment of men.

Living… in Paris. Your best chance at running into Brett is at a party or a bar, but she's difficult to entertain. From bar to carriage to restaurant and then off to some hotel, Brett’s constantly moving – and rarely on foot. When Jake Barnes accuses her of being unwilling to even “walk across the street," Brett lightly tells him “not if I could help."

Profession… lady and socialite. Brett's rich, so she doesn’t particularly get the world of work or of men who have to forgo the occasional party for such boring things as "jobs."

Interests… travelling, fine food and drinks, and men. Above all, however, Brett's main interest is having a good time. She enjoys the company and attention of men, but in the way you might enjoy a film or a good glass of wine.

Relationship Status… involved with Jake Barnes, an American newspaperman. She likes Jake a lot – might even love him, in fact, but it’s hard to say when she strings along so many other men.

Challenge… her relationships with men. Brett loves Jake, but a war wound has left him impotent and unable to satisfy his lover. Although Brett values Jake's company, it has a strong chance of falling apart.

Personality… frivolous, manipulative, and seductive. The 1920s version of a female playboy, Brett is damn good-looking and she knows it. In fact, for all her frivolity and alcohol-wrapped charm, Brett can be surprisingly self-aware: she knows it "makes me feel rather good deciding not to be a bitch," even if she chooses not to act on this insight most of the time.

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