Brent Leroy
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Brent Leroy

Corner Gas

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About Him

Grew Up… in Dog River, Saskatchewan. His mother, Emma, has always had a smothering approach and still dotes on him to this day. His father, Oscar, had an “interesting” parenting style that included smashing his toys and scaring him with a chainsaw.

Living… in Dog River, still. Brent is a local through and through. He passes the day at the Corner Gas counter or the counter at the Ruby diner next door, chatting with his longtime best friend Hank or the Ruby’s owner Lacey, and chowing down on chili cheese dogs.

Profession… owner of Corner Gas, the only gas station for 60 kilometers. He has one employee, the wisecracking Wanda. Brent’s managerial style is mostly laid-back, but he will give Wanda a hard time for being late or slacking off. He tends not to try too hard, even once telling his temporary job shadow, Pam, “You've done a bang-up job here. Because of that, people will expect a higher level of service. It's just setting them up for disappointment. I can't do that to my customers.”

Interests… eating, resting, reading comic books, teasing people (mostly Hank) and hanging out. He is fond of sports in general (except for soccer) and is a big fan of the Canadian Football League’s Saskatchewan Roughriders. He’s also a passable hockey goalie. Brent was in a band called Thunderface in high school and will still pick up the guitar on occasion. He is a bit of a food connoisseur and can detect even the slightest hints of flavoring.

Relationship Status… single and not really in any hurry to change that. Wanda once claimed he hadn’t been on a date since Grade 11 and was “saving himself for Catwoman.” This infuriates his mother, who would like to see him settle down and give her some grandchildren. Many of the women of Dog River consider him highly attractive (for some reason) and therefore unattainable.

Challenge… keeping the peace in town, especially between his now elderly parents, who constantly bicker. He also has his hands full keeping Hank out of trouble. He often gives out-of-towner Lacey tips on how to fit in and lighten up.

Personality… lazy, gluttonous, childish, lazy, sarcastic, and lazy. Did we mention lazy? His idea of a perfect day is sitting down and eating. Brent can also be jealous of those he perceives as more successful than he is, such as a teenage boy who is a better guitar player and owns a nicer car.

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