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Brennan Huff

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About Him

Living… with his mother, Nancy, and his new stepfather and stepbrother, Robert and Dale. Sounds normal enough – except Brennan is 39 and possesses the emotional maturity of a pre-adolescent child. Things have been especially tough since he got fired from his job at PetSmart. He’s a far cry from his more successful younger brother, Derek, who is the VP of the biggest executive-helicopter-leasing company on the western seaboard. In fact, the only person who might be more of a failure than Brennan is his new stepbrother, Dale.

Profession… unemployed. But Brennan doesn’t mind. He’s more than happy to sit around in his underwear, watching TV and messing around with fellow stay-at-home-son Dale. But Robert and Nancy aren’t so pleased and have given their underachieving sons a month to get jobs and move out. Otherwise, they’re out on the streets.

Interests… singing. Brennan knows he has a great voice: “I’ve been called the songbird of my generation by people who’ve heard me.” Unfortunately, he is pretty selective about who gets to listen. Ever since Derek embarrassed him during a school talent show performance, Brennan has been very hesitant about singing in public.

Relationship Status… in love with his therapist, Denise. She finds his affections incredibly off-putting and does not harbor any feelings of intimacy towards him, whatsoever. She has said all of this out loud to Brennan, but he isn’t listening.

Challenge… finding gainful employment by the end of the month. Robert and Nancy have set up all the interviews. All Brennan has to do is show up, and not make a horrible impression. That’s basically impossible for Brennan and Dale.

Personality… immature, arrogant, and sensitive. Brennan is super touchy about certain subjects, including PetSmart, Derek, and his singing. Get ready for a hardcore temper tantrum if any of those topics pop up in conversation.

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