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Brendan Conlon


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Grew up… in Pittsburgh with an alcoholic father, a sick mother, and a troubled brother. The Conlon family fractured when Brendan's brother, Tommy, fled with their mother to escape their abusive father. Brendan stayed behind so he could be with his high school sweetheart, Tess. Tommy was left to care for their terminally ill mother and never forgave Brendan.

Living… in Philadelphia with his wife, Tess, and two daughters. They had a beautiful home, but an expensive open-heart surgery for one of his daughters left them unable to pay their mortgage. Brendan has to figure out something soon, or they will lose their house forever. 

Profession… high school physics teacher and former UFC fighter. Brendan used to be a professional, if unremarkable, fighter. He retired after Tess grew intolerant of his constant injuries. As a high school teacher, he has a natural rapport with his students and finds the work fulfilling. But it’s not enough to cover all the medical bills and the mortgage. To make ends meet, Brendan has picked up fighting again.

Interests… mixed martial arts. Growing up, both Tommy and Brendan were trained by their father to be wrestlers, and while both boys were good, Tommy was the clear standout. After Tommy established himself as a dominant force, his father stopped paying attention to Brendan’s training, because he “never took an interest in underdogs.” Despite the lack of parental support, Brendan continued to train and fight until his wife begged him to give it up.

Relationship status… married with children. He married his high school sweetheart, Tess, and happily settled into a comfortable domestic existence. They have a great marriage, but Brendan is guilty about his inability to provide for them – between the two parents they have to work three jobs. Tess doesn’t want Brendan to start fighting again, but it might be the only way to keep the family out of the homeless shelter.

Challenge… making enough money to stop the bank from foreclosing on his home. At first, Brendan is hoping that the meager winnings from small-time fights will be enough to stave off the creditors. But, as his principal puts it, his second job is “not exactly moonlighting at Applebees,” and Brenan gets suspended from work. With no other way to make the money in time, Brendan decides to enter in the Sparta tournament – a mixed martial arts Grand Prix with a cash purse of $5,000,000. The tournament will bring him against the best fighters in the world, including Brendan’s estranged and enraged brother, Tommy.

Personality… proud, stubborn, and family-oriented. Brendan is a good-natured man who is determined to provide his family with the kind of life he never had. Despite his easy-going nature, he’s incredibly hard-headed, and “never listens to anyone.” Smart and personable, he displays little of the raw ferocity you might expect out of a professional fighter –  instead earning his victories through a mixture of patience and skill. 

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