Brenda Walsh
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Brenda Walsh

Beverly Hills, 90210

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About Her

Living... in a completely different world than what she was used to in Minnesota. Her father’s work has recently brought her mom, fraternal twin brother Brandon, and her to Beverly Hills, California. Although many would love the sun and beaches in the area, Brenda is homesick for the winters in Minnesota.

Profession... sophomore at West Beverly Hills High. Her school is in the wealthiest zip code of Beverly Hills (90210), so most of the kids come from incredibly wealthy families. She has never seen so many designer labels in one place. 

Interests... theater. It is Brenda’s passion, and it brings her the most joy in life. As Brenda explains, “The only time I ever felt proud was when I was on stage… you know, it was like a whole audience applauding me.” 

Relationship Status… involved with the school’s motorcycle riding bad boy and James Dean look alike, Dylan Mckay, who her parents strongly object to. But everyone else at her high school seems to approve of him – he’s the coolest one around.

Challenge... fitting in. There are already preexisting cliques, so it’s hard for a new girl to break into them. And she feels like she sticks out like a sore thumb. Although most would consider Brenda attractive, she doesn’t feel that way; she says her dark brown hair and pale skin is not “California” beautiful. And her parents don’t have the money that other kid’s parents seem to have. Thankfully, she has struck up a friendship with Kelly Taylor, a popular girl who is helping her navigate the high school scene. And her new relationship with Dylan has also given her more confidence.

Personality... strong-willed, rebellious, and fun. At heart, Brenda is a warm and loving person. But she’s around some influences at her high school that may not be the healthiest. As she says, she is dealing with an important moral dilemma: “to be a bitch, or to not be a bitch, that is the question.”

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