Brenda Leigh Johnson
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Brenda Leigh Johnson

The Closer

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About Her

Grew Up… in Georgia, in a traditional family. Her father was a Captain in the U.S. Army. Brenda attended Georgetown University, and has worked in a variety of law enforcement positions since then.

Living… in Los Angeles. Brenda works for the Los Angeles Police Department. Her current house actually belonged to a victim of a case she solved, and so did her cat, which she calls “Kitty”. Unfortunately, Brenda’s a workaholic and a bit of a slob, so the house is a little messy.

Profession… head of the Major Crimes Division of the LAPD. Brenda is an expert interrogator, and she has a reputation as a “closer” – someone who will not only catch the bad guys, but get the information necessary for a prosecution, then finish the prosecution and close the case. She especially excels in getting a suspect to talk and, ideally, to confess.

Interests… sweets. Brenda has an addiction to junk food, and she hides sugary treats everywhere – in her purse, in her office, wherever. Her favorite sweet is the classic Hostess Ding Dong.

Relationship Status… single right now, but she and FBI Agent Fritz definitely have a warm friendship. Maybe it will bloom into something more.

Challenge… closing the case. The Major Crimes Division deals with some of the most heinous crimes in Los Angeles ­– a lot of murders, especially. There is a great deal of pressure on her and her team to catch the bad guys, whoever they are. Brenda isn’t afraid to use deceit and intimidation to get the information she needs, but the ethics question is always one that looms overhead. Keeping your job is sometimes just as hard as doing it.

Personality… determined, workaholic, and sweet. Brenda has two sides to her. On the one hand, she’s a down-home Southern belle, whose trademark phrase is “Thank you, thank you!” said very enthusiastically. On the other hand, she’s a dogged investigator who won’t ever let up on her suspects. The blend has disarmed plenty of people, but it makes Brenda a great detective and leader of her squad.

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