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About Her

Grew Up…  as a man. Before Bree became Bree, she was known as Stanley Schupak, from Phoenix, Arizona.

Living… a “stealth” life as a woman in a modest Los Angeles bungalow. Bree has mastered the art of daintiness, and with her chic pink outfits and soft, gentle manners, it is difficult to tell that she is not quite a woman just yet. She’s just waiting for her therapist’s authorization before she can begin the final stage of her surgery.

Visiting… New York, where she has to connect with a past that she prefers to forget. Bree’s world is turned upside down when she receives a call from a boy claiming to be her son. It turns out that Bree did have one sexual experience when she was still known as Stanley, though it was long forgotten.

Profession… telemarketer and waitress. Bree has to work several jobs in order to save up money for her expensive transition surgery.

Interests… grammar and diction. Bree spends a lot of time stylizing her sentences. She prefers correct English.

Challenge… finding someplace for her son to live (without letting him know that she is his father). It’s not that she doesn’t care about her son, it’s that she just wants to get back to Los Angeles and have her surgery so that she can get on with her life. Yet on learning that Toby is more troubled than he appears, she realizes that it may be her responsibility to help him.

Personality… uptight, proud and determined. Bree, despite her ladylike manner, is definitely not one to mess with. She may have some faults, but at least she knows who she is: “My body may be a work-in-progress, but there is nothing wrong with my soul.”

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