Bree Daniels
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Bree Daniels


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About Her

Living... in Manhattan in the 1960s. She lives on Park Avenue with fine leather furniture and a million dresses.

Profession... high-end call girl. She does six or seven hundred tricks a year. For the right price, she'll do anything you want, including getting tied up. Most of her clients are fine, but she has had a few scary ones. One client even wrote sick letters about how he is watching her and is going to kill her. Needless to say, she can't wait to get out of the business and into acting. She thinks she is more than qualified. As she explains, "After all, for an hour, I'm the best actress in the world!"

Relationship Status... single. Her therapist says she has spent her life avoiding love. But Bree thinks a detective she met, Klute, may finally have some potential. They have become close as he is investigating the murder of one her previous clients. But he has rejected her initial advances. Bree can’t understand why he’s giving up a free night with her. Most guys pay $200 or more for her. As she points out, he “could get a perfectly good dishwasher for that.”

Challenge... avoiding her mysterious stalker. Bree just found out that Arlyn Page is dead. She's the second prostitute she knows who has died recently. All of this is making her paranoid, so she begrudgingly agrees to aid Klute in his investigation.  She keeps hearing things and thinks someone may have tampered with her mailbox and left trash by her door. So it’s hard to sleep at night.

Personality... self-assured, cool, and sexy. At least that is how her customers see her. But her profession is really starting to take a toll on her. She has to get out of it before she goes crazy.

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