Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in Sweden. Its rocky and mountainous terrain reflects what has likely been an arduous past given Breach’s tough and hardened attitude and cyborg limbs. 

Role… initiator. Breach can apply pressure to the enemy before they can even see him coming, making his skillset perfect for catching the opponent off guard and starting engagements with the upper hand.

Interests… utilizing his robotic arms to wreak havoc. With them, he can fire a flash through walls to blind enemies, he can create an earthquake in front of him that travels through walls to stun enemies, and he can fire an explosion through walls to damage enemies in its radius. Thanks to his powerful and technologically advanced arms, Breach does not allow anything to stand in his way.

Challenge… locating enemies. Breach’s abilities are incredibly useful for catching opponents by surprise, but in order to use them he needs to know where they are. Breach must have a great amount of game sense in order to make sure that his abilities are being utilized to maximum efficiency.

Personality… experienced, tough, and ground shaking. Nothing can phase Breach on the battlefield, as he has seen it all before in the past. In his words, "Guns in my face? Just another Tuesday." He has an all-business attitude that signals to everyone around him that he is nothing but serious about every job that he undertakes. With his arsenal of wall cutting equipment, Breach is great at leading the charge into battle for his team. That combined with his loads of fighting experience and hardened mentality make him an effective leader and a reliable teammate. He pairs well with teammates that can take advantage of the disruption he causes for the enemy team.


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