Brandon Walsh
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Brandon Walsh

Beverly Hills, 90210

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About Him

Living... in Beverly Hills with his parents and fraternal twin sister Brenda. They recently moved there from Minnesota for his father’s work, and so far he likes his new surroundings. As Brandon says, “The houses are bigger, the weather is warmer, and the tan lines are outstanding.” What’s not to love?

Profession... sophomore at West Beverly High School. It’s not easy adjusting to a new school, but he at least he started with one great friend – his sister. By writing for the school’s newspaper, West Beverly Blaze, he met a smart and talented student named Andrea. And he’s also gotten to know Dylan McKay and Steve Sanders, two of the most popular kids at school.

Interests... ice hockey – a passion of his in Minnesota that he brought with him to California. Brandon is a natural athlete and enjoys other sports as well – including now beach volleyball, which is a required sport where they live near the beach.

Relationship Status… single. Brandon is a charming guy who seems to have his share of admirers, but he’s not rushing into a relationship.

Challenge... trying to do the right thing. He constantly faces peer pressure relating to alcohol, drugs, and sex. Although many teenagers have similar challenges, Brandon seems to have it worse in Beverly Hills. With so much money around, there are temptations around every corner.   

Personality... funny, determined, and caring. He is a leader who is often the go-to guy if any of his friends need advice. He is fun loving and likes to go to parties, but he knows where to draw the line … at least most of the time. As Dylan said to him: “You have a dark side; you just hide it better.”

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