Bradley Jackson
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Bradley Jackson

The Morning Show

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About Her

Grew Up... tough, in Virginia with her parents and brother. Growing up, Bradley was surrounded by things like addiction and poverty. Those experiences gave her a strong self-preservation instinct and a dogged determination.

Living... in Virginia, scrapping by as a local field reporter.

Visiting... New York City. When her confrontation at a coal mine protest goes viral, Bradley is flown out to New York to do an interview with Alex Levy on The Morning Show. She soon becomes a pawn in a much bigger game, however, and her time in New York might not be so temporary after all.

Profession... journalist. Yet despite her 15 years of experience, Bradley’s prickly demeanor means she can’t even get an anchor position on a local news network.

Interests... work, work, work—and maybe squeezing in a few hours of sleep here and there.

Relationship Status... single. Bradley’s a loner who’s seldom looking for more than a one-night stand.

Challenge... becoming the face of morning news. When longtime Morning Show host Mitch Kessler is fired for sexual misconduct allegations, his former co-host Alex Levy unexpectedly names Bradley as his successor. It’s a huge step up in terms of her national profile, but because of the unusual circumstances of her hiring, what should be an exciting new career opportunity feels more like a minefield, especially when it comes to her relationship with Alex. Bradley must adopt a new look, a new demeanor, and a grueling new schedule, all while adjusting to fame and figuring out the complicated politics of the UBA network. Above all, however, Bradley’s biggest challenge is learning to stick to The Morning Show’s sunny script when she isn’t used to holding her tongue.

Personality... intelligent, impulsive, tenacious, and committed to the truth. There’s no bull when it comes to Bradley Jackson. As she puts it, “People are wanting more transparency in journalism… I think they want to trust that the person that is telling them the truth about the world is an honest person.” The fact that she says exactly what’s on her mind makes Bradley a divisive figure—some love her unvarnished frankness and some find it off-putting. Bradley doesn’t usually care what other people think, however, even when she probably should.

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