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Grew Up… in Dublin with his father, who owns a fix-it shop for appliances.

Living… practically on the streets of Dublin. Our Guy (we never learn his real name, but he seems to be around 30) may be performing regularly in public, but it's not necessarily in a concert hall. Life as a street performer is tough, and it's a real struggle for Guy each and every day. Can he keep trying and not give up on his dreams?

Profession… singer, songwriter, and guitarist. A bit of a handyman, he can fix vacuums as well. But he’s not as good at fixing his own broken heart. Guy's past girlfriend cheated on him and then left him. Now all of his songs relate to her, and the emotional effect she had on him.

Interests… music. It’s his passion, and also the only way he can express his hurt over his breakup, and his worry that his life won’t ever move forward. But he truly is talented; the trick is getting enough people to see and appreciate his talent to pay the bills.

Relationship Status… up in the air. He met a Czech girl who’s a fellow musician, and they really connected. But when he made a move, she shut him down, hard. Yet there’s still some sort of chemistry, and he knows it’s two-sided. Maybe both of them are too damaged from previous relationships.

Challenge… making his music career take off while recovering from his broken heart. There’s a chance that his new friendship-slash-possible romance with the Czech girl could help him do with both goals – or it could sabotage them, leaving him more depressed than before. Beyond that, he wants to find out for sure if he really has what it takes to be a professional musician.

Personality… a little emotionally wounded, musically talented, and romantic. He’s passionate about music, but he wonders if passion is enough. The same goes for his love life. He’s willing to work hard, but he’s afraid that it won’t make a difference – nothing will work out any way. Yet despite his sometimes cynical outlook, he’s willing to take a step toward making a new connection.

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