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Harry Bosch


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About Him

Grew Up... in orphanages, mainly. Harry’s mother was a prostitute who was murdered when he was 11 years old. Harry’s real first name is “Hieronymus,” after the 15th century Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch, which didn’t exactly make things easier during his childhood. Though that childhood ended early – Harry joined the Army at age 17 and served two tours in Vietnam as a “tunnel rat” in the Vietcong’s maze of tunnels. 

Living... in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles. Harry’s house is on stilts and looks down on the sprawl of freeways and humanity below. He rarely feels more peaceful than listening to a jazz record while enjoying a drink out on his back deck, soaking in the view. Not even an act of God could get him out of his beloved home. Literally – even when it was condemned and demolished after the 1994 Northridge earthquake, Harry simply rebuilt on the same spot.  

Profession... detective with the LAPD. Harry’s motto is: “Everybody counts, or nobody counts.” Whether the victim of his latest murder case is a Hollywood celebrity or an unknown teen runaway, Harry will pursue the killer with his trademark relentlessness. Harry cares a lot more for his victims than his superiors, though, and his willingness to flout departmental rules for what he views as the greater good is forever getting him into trouble.  

Interests... jazz and justice. Harry has an impressive collection of vintage jazz records and seeks out live performances throughout the city. 

Relationship Status... intrigued by Eleanor Wish. Eleanor is an FBI agent who is working with on his latest case. There’s definitely mutual attraction, and the rush of pursuing live leads predictably heightens emotions. It remains to be seen if they have the basis for a lasting, healthy relationship once everything calms down. But can’t the same be said of many couples? 

Challenge... not letting the chip on his shoulder weigh him down. Harry has a single-minded focus to “speak for the dead,” to find out who killed his victims by whatever means necessary and make them answer for the crime. That passion is what makes him such a great detective. However his black-and-white view on his job and the world in general can make Harry a hard guy to get along with, even for those who care about him. 

Personality... driven, strong-willed, and a little haunted. Harry hasn’t known a lot of peace in his life. He’s dealing with the death and loss he’s experienced the best way he knows how – by solving murders. And he’s very, very good at it. On some level, maybe if he can prove that “Everybody counts,” then that means even the orphaned son of a murdered prostitute matters, too. But you won’t catch Harry saying that, or even thinking it. He’s too focused on “the job”.

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