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Grew Up... in New York. Booker was born in New York in 1874. Because of the harassment he received for his partial Native American ancestry, he was particularly brutal while killing Natives at the Battle of Wounded Knee.

Living... in Columbia. Booker’s search for peace of mind takes him to Columbia, a mysterious floating city founded by the zealous Zachary Comstock. The society worships the American founding fathers and their ideas with religious fervor and is quick to violently cast out anyone who might taint their pure race.

Profession... Pinkerton agent. After leaving the armed forces, Booker joined the Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency. But he eventually was forced to quit due to his unnecessary violence. But the way he saw it, “If you don’t draw first, you don’t get to draw at all.”

Interests... gambling. As Booker’s life spiraled out of control he began drinking and gambling heavily, which left him with many debts. He once attempted to absolve his sins via baptism, but ran away at the last minute.

Relationship Status... widower. Booker’s wife died while giving birth to their daughter Anna. Her death, along with Booker’s other serious troubles, only made his deep depression even worse.

Challenge... wiping away his debt. When his financial woes finally catch up with him, Booker is approached by shady benefactors offering him a clean slate if he retrieves a girl named Elizabeth from Columbia. However, after getting there, he is branded a “False Shepherd” trying to steal the city’s precious “Lamb.” So the only way to reach freedom is through more violence.

Personality... tortured. Booker is trapped in his own sad life. That’s partially due to outside forces, but also because he wants to forget and forgo responsibility for the bad decisions he’s made.  

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