Boobie Miles
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Boobie Miles

Friday Night Lights

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About Him

Overview… phenom running back for the Permian High Panthers in Odessa, Texas. With radio hosts regularly gushing about him and little kids wearing his #45 jersey and biking after him during his training runs, Boobie is a local celebrity. Blessed with tremendous athletic gifts, Boobie seems destined to go down in history (at least local history) as a football legend – until an untimely injury to his ACL threatens his career.

Personality… cocky as can be, at least until the injury. Boobie is so assured of his own athletic greatness that he doesn’t lift weights with the rest of the team and never studies for class – he can barely read. Though he possesses little of Muhammad Ali’s work ethic, he channels Ali with his constant stream of alliterative and rhyming Boobie-isms: “God made Boobie beautiful,” “It’s hard to be humble,” or “Y’all wanna win? Put Boobie in.” But when Boobie’s body suddenly fails him and his golden ticket is potentially lost, he must struggle to find something else to sustain him.

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