The Legend of Korra
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… on the streets of Republic City. Bolin’s parents were killed when he was young, so his older brother Mako has been like a parent to him. They ran small scams to try to earn a living and protected themselves using “bending,” the magical ability to manipulate the elements.

Living… above a pro-bending gym. Bolin and Mako were able to leave crime behind when their talents were noticed by a professional bender, who invited them to live above the gym and train to become benders themselves.

Profession…  pro-bender. Now that they’re old enough, the two brothers have their own pro-bending team, the Fire Ferrets. They’re working on achieving fame and fortune in the championships. In the meantime, they supplement their winnings with odd jobs.

Interests… bending, of course, but also food, animals, and plenty more. Bolin is an enthusiastic guy, and enjoys things like festivals and performances—really, any kind of spectacle. He also likes playing jokes on overly serious Mako.

Relationship Status… single. Although he doesn’t have a committed partner right now, he’s plenty flirtatious, so someone’s bound to take him up eventually. Until then, he’s constantly accompanied by his pet fire ferret, Pabu. And he did just offer to tutor Korra, an attractive young woman who’s also the most powerful bender in the world – the Avatar.

Challenge… achieving success for Mako and himself. There’s no security net for Bolin and Mako to fall back on; they have to work hard for everything. And while Bolin knows that, he also likes to pursue fun and adventure, which leads to clashes with his more goal-oriented brother.

Personality… funny, energetic, and big-hearted. Bolin is a people-person. He loves making jokes, getting to know people, and sometimes talking their ears off. His general enthusiasm combined with a touch of naivete often get him into trouble, and he tends to overlook potential pitfalls. But this also means that he forgives easily, and his idealism is part of his charm.


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