Bode Locke

Bode Locke

    Locke & Key

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in Seattle, with his mom, dad, older brother, and older sister. He has happy memories of bedtime stories and putting glow in the dark stars on his bedroom ceiling. Unfortunately, his most recent memory of that house is when his father was murdered there.

Living… in the small town of Matheson, MA. After the murder, the rest of the family moved to their dad’s childhood home, Key House. While his siblings aren’t thrilled, Bode is excited to explore the mansion and its many rooms.

Profession… student. While he’s waiting for school to start, though, Bode starts to hear strange whispers around Key House. It turns out that the house contains magical keys, and Bode can hear them calling to him. This is explained by the voice living in the well house. Bode knows better than to try and tell adults about this, though.

Interests… playing with his G.I. Joes, drawing, and finding keys. Bode has found most of the keys just by running around, having fun like any normal kid, and then hearing the whispers. He’s proud that so far, he’s the only one who can hear them.

Relationship Status… single, since he’s a kid. He’s made friends with Rufus, who helps with yardwork, and with the weird lady in the well. He also likes hanging out with his older siblings, when they have time.

Challenge… protecting the keys. It turns out Well Lady isn’t very nice, and keeps trying to steal the keys. Bode isn’t sure what she’ll do with them, but he suspects nothing good. It’s hard to keep a secret when you’re a kid, though, and explaining things to his mom and siblings might be necessary.

Personality… smart, brave, and happy-go-lucky. Bode isn’t immune to the problems his family has faced, but he doesn’t let it diminish his excitement about new experiences. He has a vivid imagination and can make logical deductions quickly, but perhaps his greatest strength is knowing when to speak up for himself. He has a realistic view of the world for someone his age, and he’s not afraid to take on a challenge if he needs to.


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