Bobby Walker
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Bobby Walker

The Company Men

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About Him

Grew Up… in New England. Bobby’s home became important to him as he grew up. The farthest he has lived from New England was when he went to college at Penn State.

Living… in a big, beautiful house in an upscale suburb of Boston. For a man in his mid-30s, Bobby has done well for himself. Bobby keeps himself and his family living in luxury – and it’s not cheap. He has a wife and two children, and is only able to pay his massive mortgage and the payments on his Porsche thanks to his six-figure salary at GTX.

Profession… sales accountant at GTX, a publicly held corporation. But Bobby’s steady job disappears when the company downsizes in the face of the financial crisis. Now, after 12 years with the company, three of them as Divisional Sales leader, Bobby is out of a job. He is looking for employment using GTX’s outplacement services, which Bobby finds quaint and beneath him. Though he is starting to appreciate the other desperate outplacement folks with whom he shares a cubicle.

Interests… golf, fast cars, and luxury living. When not at work, Bobby can often be found at the country club or the driving range. He likes to get nine or 18 holes in before work. At least, he liked to do so when he had a job.

Relationship Status… happily married. Maggie is pretty much the best thing left in Bobby’s life now that he's lost his job. She encourages Bobby and tells him to stay strong for her and their children, though at times Bobby despairs in his search for a job.

Challenge… finding new employment. It’s a difficult task further complicated by the fact that Bobby thinks he’s too good for most jobs. Bobby likes golf, the country club, his Porsche, and his big house. He likes the fact that his wife doesn’t have to work. But at the bottom of it all, Bobby is afraid of being a deadbeat. When threatened with financial doom and the prospect of having to move back in with his parents, Bobby tells Maggie: “I choose death. I opt for death!” He’s already losing his house and his car, and if Bobby can’t swallow his pride, things are going to get a lot worse.

Personality… proud, feisty, and quick-witted. Let’s just say Bobby hasn’t struggled with problems of self-worth in the past. He’s used to being on the fast-track, and has definitely gotten used to a certain lifestyle. That's all being threatened by this extended unemployment.

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