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Bobby Brady

The Brady Bunch

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About Him

Living… in Los Angeles, as the shrimp of the Brady household. Let’s see; there’s his dad Mike and stepmother Carol, his older brothers Greg and Bobby, and his step sisters Marcia, Jan and Cindy. Bobby is always being excluded – whether it’s from Peter’s treehouse or Carol’s cousin’s wedding. More often than not, he’s in someone else’s hair.

Profession… student. Like his older siblings, Bobby is trying to find a niche at school, but his talents are harder to pinpoint. After being rejected from the Glee Club, he tried to take up drums, but the family couldn’t bear the sound of him practicing. He’s looking for his time to shine – academically, athletically, however.

Interests… football. Bobby is a huge fan of the New York Jets, particularly quarterback Joe Namath. Bobby actually went so far as to lie to his friends about being personal friends with the man himself. Thankfully, Cindy was able to arrange a meeting between the two, resulting in the highlight of his young life.

Relationship Status… not much of a concern for Bobby at this point. When Bobby does have the occasional crush, he’s hampered by his self-consciousness about his height. He does try to help his siblings in their romantic pursuits, like when he pretends to be Cindy’s secret admirer. Sure, it ends in disaster, but the kid means well!

Challenge… finding his place. Bobby is the second-youngest of six, and in such a crowded household, attention often has to be earned. Bobby feels the pressure of equaling his older siblings’ achievements. He’s the only Brady child to not have won a first-place trophy, and his attempts at winning ice cream and seesaw competitions tend to flop. He wants respect, but really, just being a few inches taller would make him a happy camper.

Personality… impressionable. Bobby tends to take things to heart, like when a TV adaptation of “Cinderella” convinced him that all stepmothers and stepsisters are evil. He’s sensitive to feeling unloved or unwanted, and the actions he takes to counteract these feelings usually have unwanted ramifications for the Bradys. Still, Bobby almost always has good intentions at heart.

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