Bobby Bowfinger
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Bobby Bowfinger


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About Him

Overview… a bargain-basement film producer with delusions of grandeur. Bobby Bowfinger refuses to concede that he is an absolute nobody in Hollywood. Desperate to direct his own masterpiece – based a script called Chubby Rain – Bowfinger tries (and fails) to secure box-office superstar Kit Ramsey for his film. Rather than give up, he goes rogue and tries to shoot the movie with a nerdy and bumbling Ramsey look-alike.

Personality… smarmy, ambitious, and enthusiastic. Bobby is a man with a dream, and he’ll stop at nothing in order to see his vision become a silver-screen reality. His completely shameless nature, rather than holding him back, actually gives him an advantage in the cynical city of Hollywood. His willingness to do and say pretty much anything to get his vision (such as it is) on celluloid it may even prove to be the key to his success.

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