Bob Woodward
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Bob Woodward

All the President's Men

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About Him

Living... in Washington, D.C., which is taking a toll on him. After he graduated from Yale, he came to Washington because he believed in the idea of America and wanted to be at its political center. But then he got inside and saw how things actually work.

Profession... reporter for the Washington Post. Bob is investigating the Watergate Hotel cover-up with another junior reporter named Carl Bernstein. They've been working 18-hour days on the story, which has the potential to destroy the Nixon Administration. Bob is spending his time talking to Deep Throat, his anonymous source on the inside. Deep Throat said he'll confirm what they get, but that's all.

Relationship Status... single. His boss warned Carl and him to watch their personal lives and to be careful about the type of people they hang around with. The stakes are high.

Challenge... going to print. The story will put people's lives in danger, maybe including his own. Woodward thinks Attorney General John Mitchell started the cover-up early, and everyone is involved – all the way to the top. The whole U.S. intelligence community is caught up in it. As Bob learns from Deep Throat, “They bugged offices. They followed people, made false press leaks, passed fake letters. They canceled Democratic campaign rallies. They investigated Democratic private lives. They planted spies. They stole documents.”

Personality... organized and detail-oriented. Bob works from the bottom-up, and doesn’t miss a beat. And he doesn’t give up despite what seem like insurmountable odds.

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