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Bob Wiley

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About Him

Living… in New York. But has followed Dr. Marvin, his psychiatrist, to the doc’s summer home in Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.

Profession… skilled at getting on Dr. Marvin’s nerves. Bob’s sole focus right now is continuing his treatment. Dr. Marvin resents Bob for intruding into his vacation, but Bob doesn’t intend to leave any time soon.

Interests… avoiding death. Bob has a lot of phobias. His thoughts constantly focus on the potentially fatal dangers of everyday life. What if he breaks his neck and become a paraplegic? What if his heart stops beating, or he can't find a bathroom and his bladder explodes? What if he has Tourette's Syndrome?

Relationship Status… dreadfully single. Bob’s ex-wife recently remarried, and all he wants is to find love again.

Challenge… not upsetting Dr. Marvin too much – which proves to be a real challenge. Bob is mostly oblivious to the doctor’s anger with him, which only makes Dr. Marvin more upset. Though it’s starting to look like Dr. Marvin has more issues, especially with anger, than the mostly harmless Bob.

Personality… eccentric. Dr. Marvin claims that Bob is a sick multi-phobic mess. But the doctor’s family thinks that Bob is a great guy. The trip has actually helped Bob, who has bonded with the Marvins (except Dr. Marvin) and is learning to control his fears. Unfortunately Dr. Marvin now seems ready to go off the deep end.

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