Bob Lee Swagger
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Bob Lee Swagger


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Overview… a Force Recon Marine Scout Sniper practically left for dead during a botched US secret mission. Bobby managed to survive, but his partner didn’t. Bobby was so bitter about that experience that he quit the military and took up a secluded life in the Rockies. With a loyal dog and a fridge full of beer, Bobby Lee has been contented in his life well out of the public eye. He keeps his trigger finger keen by hunting and target shooting, and follows the news on his computer. But when the government requests his services one last time, he’s unsure of what to expect in return.

Personality… quiet and wary. Given his experience in the Marine Corps, Bobby Lee is extremely distrusting of the government and authority figures. He’s tough and resourceful, though he often does things in a roundabout way to avoid depending on other people. He’s patriotic, and most of his choices are motivated by a desire to protect what he believes to be core American ideals, even if the American government doesn’t think so.

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