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Bob Barnes


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Living… in Tehran, Iran. As a CIA operative, he has been sent there on an undercover mission to assassinate Prince Nasir Al-Subaai, the next in line to become Emir of an oil-rich country in the Middle East. Bob has been told Nasir is responsible for purchasing a missing anti-tank missile and must be stopped.

Profession… veteran CIA operations officer. He has spent most of his time serving his country in the field. But after rocking the boat with the higher ups with some information he gathered, he was reassigned to a desk job and subsequently sent on this dangerous mission. After all the years he has been in the CIA, Bob is becoming cynical about his work. When asked what he thinks his intelligence work really amounts to, Bob is pretty frank with his peer: "I think it's two people in a room and one of them is asking a favor that is a capital crime in every country on Earth, a hanging crime."

Relationship Status… married with a son. But in reality he is married to his work. He is gone for long stretches of time, and his son is getting fed up with the fact he is never around.    

Challenge… relying on the CIA to have his back. But Bob is not sure he can trust the people he works with. The CIA seems to view him as politically expendable. In this game of shifting alliances, Bob will have to endure multiple betrayals, and extreme situations if he is going to make it back to America alive.

Personality… rugged, outspoken, and rebellious. Bob is a field agent who doesn't have the luxury to hone his skill in the art of political tact. Disillusioned with what he witnesses, he speaks truth to power ­– an admirable quality that is unfortunately not appreciated by his superiors and coworkers. 

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