Bob Arctor
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Bob Arctor

A Scanner Darkly

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About Him

Living… undercover in a drug house with two addicts. Living with the paranoid Luckman and Barris is trial enough – having to do it while on the hallucinogenic drug Substance D makes it even more difficult.

Profession… an “undercover officer engaged in tracking down dealers and the source of their illegal drugs in the streets of our cities and the corridors of our schools here in Orange County.” Bob is so deep undercover that his fellow detectives don’t even know who he is. While in the office, he wears a “scramble suit” which hides his identity.

Interests… slowly becoming addicted to Substance D. In order to be undercover, he’s had to take the very drug that he’s trying to help eliminate.

Relationship Status… involved with a mysterious cocaine addict named Donna. Bob fell quickly for Donna and began to neglect his duties as a cop.

Challenge… keeping track of his two identities. His addiction to Substance D — which causes intense hallucinations — is slowly destroying his brain. He says, “‘D’ is dumbness, and despair, desertion – desertion of you from your friends, your friends from you, everyone from everyone. Isolation and lonliness… and hating and suspecting each other, ‘D’ is finaly death. Slow death from the head down.”

Personality… confused and conflicted. As Arctor gets more and more dependent on Substance D, he loses track of reality and can no longer tell his friends and enemies apart.  

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