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Living... a directionless life of mediocrity in the small town of Bodeen, Texas. Her mother, a former pageant queen, forces Bliss to take part in local beauty pageants despite her open lack of interest in them.  

Profession… high school student and waitress at The Oink Joint, a rundown diner in her tiny hometown. Enduring flirtations from her boss and comments from rude customers are enough to make Bliss want to leave and never come back. The only tolerable thing about her job is that she works with her best friend, Pash.

Interests… roller derby. After a chance encounter with three roller derby players during a shopping trip to Austin, Bliss is intrigued. She and Pash tell her parents they are going to a football game, but really they sneak back to Austin to watch the Holy Rollers take on the Hurl Scouts in a roller derby match. After that, Bliss is hooked, and secretly joins the Hurl Scouts without her parents’ knowledge or approval.

Relationship… dating Oliver, a young guitarist who she met at a roller derby match. While they enjoy a romance for a little while, Oliver eventually leaves to go on tour, and it remains to be seen if their bond is strong enough to withstand that.

Challenge… learning to toughen up so she can hold her own against the aggressive women in her roller derby league. Bliss, who is technically too young to play roller derby and rather petite to boot, has a hard time getting started. She’s agile and a good skater, but that doesn’t help her when women twice her size are throwing elbows at her. Bliss needs to train hard in order to impress her teammates and earn the respect of everyone in the league.

Personality... quirky, insecure, and rebellious. Bliss is utterly bored of small town life. If her mother makes her do one more pageant, she just might run away. When Bliss finds a new passion in roller derby, she is inspired to take charge in all aspects of her life. Her newfound confidence allows her to stand up for what she wants, even if she knows her conservative parents won’t approve.

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