Blanche Hudson
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Blanche Hudson

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

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Living… in a Los Angeles mansion formerly owned by Rudolph Valentino. She bought it with the fortune she made as a Hollywood star nearly four decades ago. Now she’s planning on selling it. Problem is, she’s not the only resident. There’s also her sister Jane, whose sure Blanche is only selling it to put her out on the street. Blanche herself spends all her days cooped up inside her bedroom. She definitely doesn’t need the extra space.

Profession… a retired actress. In her twenties, Blanche Hudson was the biggest star in Hollywood. She used her leverage to get acting jobs for her younger sister Baby Jane – a former child actress who lost her draw as she got older. In her day, Blanche was the biggest thing in movies. She wrote her own contracts and got script approval. She had as much money as she’d ever need. Now she spends most her days watching her old movies on television and reliving her former career.

Interests… her sister’s mental health. Blanche prioritizes Jane’s “progress” above anything else, keeping tabs on her sickness with their housemaid Elvira. Despite the constant torment Jane gives her, Blanche still has faith in her sister Jane. She’s always giving her the benefit of the doubt while Elvira insists she’s rotten at the core. At times, it’s almost like Blanche does it out of guilt and pity.

Relationship Status… single. At one time she was the object of every male fantasy, but now she’s more content sitting out her window. Jane would send any suitors who would come to the door away anyway. It’s too hard to meet someone in Blanche’s precarious living situation.

Challenge… managing her sister’s resentment before it gets out of hand. Jane gets especially bitter during weeks like this, when Blanche’s old movies are on television. Blanche’s potential selling of the house has caused tensions to heighten. Blanche depends on Jane for care, and Jane depends on Blanche for her livelihood. Jane knows this, and yet she insists on terrorizing her sister. Yet it is Blanche’s very handicap that makes Jane feel like she can get away with it. At this point, the best she can do is hope it doesn’t get ugly.

Personality… optimistic. No matter how Jane acts out, Blanche insists on celebrating her good side. Blanche longs for Jane’s glory years almost as much as Jane herself. She mourns the decline of Jane’s career more than her own. If she could, she’d make Jane a star again in a second. When she was at her peak, she did everything she could to get Jane work. The devastation of her car accident has permanently damaged their relationship. But there must be something hiding behind that angelic demeanor. 

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