Blanche Devereaux

Blanche Devereaux

    The Golden Girls
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... with her three best friends in Miami, Florida. But that’s understating it. Rose, Dorothy and Sophia are more than that – they’ve become her sisters. 

Profession... assistant at an art museum. But while that pays her rent, she’s a full time man-hunter. In fact, she spends so many nights away from her place, the rent’s only for when she’s in-between beaus.

Interests… acting, volunteering, and of course, men. She stars in many plays at the local community theater. It’s a perfect outlet for her boisterous personality, and the directors make great boyfriends.

Relationship Status...  widowed. Blanche was happily married to her husband George before he passed away and she moved in with her new roommates. Now she can’t stop dating. Moreso than her friends, Blanche is in touch with her sexuality and excited to make the most of her new romantic beginning. She’s been around the block a few times and is still happily doing laps.

Challenge... one word: Sophia. The ups and downs of Blanche’s love life are what make each day interesting, so she doesn’t mind when her many relationships eventually go bust. And she has her tiffs with all her roommates, but Sophia in particular gives her the hardest time. Sophia is a little older, a little more conservative, and a little too happy to point out to Blanche that she looks “like a prostitute.”          

Personality... fun-loving, outgoing, promiscuous. Blanche takes full advantage of Miami’s vibrant nightlife, even though she’s in her 60s. Age means nothing to Blanche, who dates young and old men. Based on behavior alone, one might guess she’s in her 20s. But she is older, and has the wisdom that comes along with age, helping her roommates whenever they need to talk.


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