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Glengarry Glen Ross

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Overview… a big shot salesman who works for the fabled “Mitch and Murray.” Blake is dispatched on “missions of mercy” to help turn floundering offices around. A motivational speaker from hell, Blake will come into your place of work, tell you you’re useless (or fired), and force you to compete against your coworkers to keep your job. He has no patience for failure, and no time for excuses. For Blake, only one thing matters in life: “Getting them to sign on the line which is dotted!”

Personality… loud, confident, and aggressive. Blake talks like a man who has never been unsure of anything in his entire life. His corporate swagger has allowed him to climb the ladder and now he has every material pleasure he could ever want. Still, while the money is nice it’s not why Blake does it. He does it because he likes to win – and in the area of sales, Blake always wins.

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