Blake Henderson

Blake Henderson

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… with his best friends Anders and Adam in a Rancho Cucamonga house. Blake takes full advantage of living with his best friends, making sure they’re always either prepping for a party or cleaning up after one. While Blake revels in the debauchery their bachelor pad offers, he can also play caretaker to his roommates, like the time Ders got a cockroach stuck in his ear and Blake had to pull it out with tweezers.

Profession… telemarketer at TeleAmeriCorp. Blake sees the job as the perfect post-college gig as he figures out what he’d like to do next – if anything. His confidence comes in handy often as a telephone salesman but in general, he’s not a hard worker. He’s always trying toscheme his way out of trouble at work, keeping a bottle of ipecac at his desk, in case he ever needs to induce vomiting and go home early. 

Interests… beer pong, partying, and chilling out. Blake will often start trivial competitions amongst the group, like who can make the smallest face. He also enjoys a good prank and a potent bag of mushrooms, though rarely at the same time.

Relationship Status… single. It’s not that Blake’s a bad guy; it’s just that all of his cool confidence evaporates around the opposite sex. He’s almost as clueless as Adam when it comes to women, and generally expects opportunities to just fall into his lap. He almost hooked up with his co-worker Jillian one time, but spoiled it by blatantly telling her about his plans to brag about it to his friends.

Challenge… staying chill. He’d be happiest smoking weed on the roof ‘til the end of time, but the real world just has a way of killing his vibe. Blake’s problems are immediate rather than existential – what will he eat? How much beer is left? Who will he make out with? 

Personality… eccentric. Blake is an individualist whose singular personality constantly leads to him being misunderstood. He’s a stoner with a heart of gold, an underachiever with supreme confidence. He seems to have some ultimate insight into human nature that he’s too high to articulate.


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