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Blaine Rawlings


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Overview… young Yank fighting for France. Before the United States officially entered World War I, a small group of Americans volunteered to fly some of the first fighter planes alongside the French military. Blaine Rawlings, a restless Texas rancher, joined up with every intention of quickly becoming an ace fighter pilot. As the flying proves more difficult and dangerous than he or any of the young Americans expected, though, the squadron grows into a supportive team of aviation pioneers.

Personality… a confident youth being humbled by war. Self-assured in his physical abilities attained on the ranch, Blaine is convinced he will excel at flying, but it’s tougher than he thought. Initially, he also has a hard time coping with the different personalities that make up his squadron. But his quiet demeanor and relatively humble upbringing accompany a deep commitment to hard work, making him popular even among some of the aristocratic thrill-seekers who make up the squadron. Blaine turns out to be a natural leader, though sometimes he struggles with the responsibility that implies.

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